12 Step – Program

Have you ever wanted a therapist to understand your Program using 12 Step Language? I can remember that very first meeting I ever walked into, 35 years ago. Yes I am an old timer. I’ve spent a life time working towards acceptance. Since that first meeting, I have walked into many rooms, they all spoke the same language and yet they focused on a different subject. If you have ever been in recovery, you know exactly what I mean.

Would it be helpful to have a therapist understand that part of your life? The slogans, the steps, the traditions, character defects, HALT, powerlessness, rigorous honest, sharing, etc. I can help to guide you both clinically and use the recovery language you understand? As you can probably tell, I am being very careful with what I say. These programs are confidential in nature. What we say there, stays there. The good thing about therapy is that is also a safe place.

Call me at 909-693-3177, if you would like to work with me, sharing your past and your current life problems. Remember that it’s important to keep your side of the street clean. Let’s talk about it.