ADD/ADHD – Let’s talk about it!

This video discusses the criteria for ADHD inattentive and hyperactivity for the DSM-V. It further informs the The audience about Dr. Amen’s work which is the seven types of ADHD. What causes ADD or ADHD there are many theories on this and we will review some of those. Treatment for ADHD can be everything from therapy two vitamins to medication to coping skills taught through the therapist let’s explore these things. Will you have grief if you realize that you were your child has this disorder do you understand the grief process. If you have a child in school the 504 in the IEP plan are very helpful to accommodate your child’s needs. Should you give your child medication. I can’t answer that question for you but I will give you some options and referral sources. Finally 80 HD will affect up to 40% of adults that will not outgrow it in fact if you have a child that has it you very well may have it yourself. What does that mean for you the adult.