Bariatric Surgery/Weight Loss

Let’s talk about Bariatric Surgery and the difficulties that you may experience as you are experiencing weight loss. I had a gastric bypass almost seven years ago, I am happy to say that I remain a success story to this day. However, during my weight loss process I experienced many different struggles. Learning to see myself as a new person has taken many years and still can be difficult. Just to look in a mirror can be hard. Do you understand that feeling? Let’s talk about what you are going through, and let me help you as a therapist make it through your own journey. I can help you to understand what is normal and when it’s time to seek a medical professional. Together we can understand why you compulsively ate and how that may have affected your family and friends.

Feel free to contact me at 909-693-3177, to get to know one another and see if we would make a good fit. I hope you enjoy humor at times, as I use humor in session as appropriate, because I believe it can be healing.