1st Anniversary of My New Practice

Today is the 1st Year Anniversary of my new practice. Time has gone by so quickly in this first year. I am in the process of visioning for my second year in my solo practice. As you know my motto is to “Make a difference in My Community.” I believe through counseling, speaking engagements, written materials and networking this is happening. I can’t wait to see what the New Year Brings.  Stay Tuned.

San Bernardino Shooting

Hi, I wanted to talk to you about the shooting that was so close to home for all of us. As a therapist I have seen this touch various lives and different ways. I almost think of it as the five degrees of separation, in other words if we didn’t know someone that was at the shooting, we know someone that knew someone. It’s hard to imagine that we who live in the Inland Empire were a part of, in one way or another, the second biggest terrorist act on America soil since 9-1-1. As well as one of the biggest mass shootings in America. I think this has affected us in many ways.

How often do we see more than one shooter during a mass shooting? What about the fact that there was a woman terrorist. It’s almost difficult to rap your brain around that one. Or that she left a six month old baby in order to commit this crime. We can’t live in fear, as that is not a positive way to live. However, we can always learn something from every situation, do pay attention to your surroundings when you are out and about this holiday season. Pay attention to exits when you are in enclosed buildings.

But most importantly, live life and do your best to enjoy the holiday season. If you feel any trauma and or anxiety from this event, please do not hesitate to contact me at 909-693-3177. I’m here for you.


I was watching a video from Dr. Amen the other day. It spoke about the reason why he had such a passion for ADD. It made me think about the reason that is also one of my specialties. I seem to be surrounded in my family system with people that struggle with this disorder at various levels. Some are inattentive, in other words they get distracted easily, some are hyper, very energetic, they are always moving around. Some are combined type, and or both types.
I became aware of this condition as my own children were born. After much struggle trying this method and that method to help my sons I finally came to the conclusion that they had different types of ADHD. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to medicate them, so I tried everything else. Herbs, behavioral therapy, any method I could until finally one of my children walked up to me and said Please get me some medication. I realized at that point that I hadn’t medicated the kids for my own needs and I hadn’t considered how unhappy my children were because they felt no control over what their brains were doing.

As a therapist I see children all the time as well as adults for that matter, almost every person starts out with I don’t want medication. Believe me I get that, I didn’t either. But I can tell you once I saw the medication work within minutes of the first pill I realized that medication for ADHD is so helpful. I’m not saying that you need medication, or that your child does, I am just telling you my experience and how I worked through the process. One thing that was frustrating was that my older son was very successful with stimulants, however my younger son was unable to take them for many years. So my older son excelled, while my younger son remained distracted, unfocused and frustrated. When my younger son was in high school we tried one more time to use a stimulant for his condition, this time it worked. From that moment on, he was able to tackle honors and eventually AP classes like this sister and brother. Now my older son is in the Physics program in College and my younger son is in High School making his own way with good grades in tough subject matter.

What I hope you understand from what I am saying is that I get how hard it is to make choices for your children, and even for yourself if you have Adult ADHD. Dr. Amen has done some amazing work in this area with Brain Spect analysis. I have a specialty in this area because of my life experience. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a helpful tool to use along with medication and family support. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me at 909-693-3177.

Carol Rose Adkisson – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi, Just wanted to catch you up for the events this week. I am working on a video about Hoarding. My Mom was a hoarder and it’s always been a passion of mine to help in this area. I am partnering with Steri-Clean,, a company that works with families to Help Hoarders clean up their homes. They also do bio-hazard materials clean-up. If you know someone with this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact their local office in Ontario. Please mention that I referred you.
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