Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling

Is Therapy helpful?

Anyone can benefit from counseling.  There are many reasons that client’s make appointments to see a Therapist. Counseling can also be beneficial if you need an objective person to assist in furthering your personal growth.

Can you help my relationship, and how fast will we see results?

Yes relationship counseling is very helpful. Teaching you as a couple various skills, i.e. how to decrease your unhealthy communication skills, how to negotiate with your partner, learn how not to right fight, let go of tit for tat, hear the message under the argument that is causing the pain, ie does he/she really love me, dealing with emotional and physical cheating, social media, how is that affecting your relationship. In our first session, I will assess you and your partner and your family history. I will suggest a plan for treatment and begin to teach you skills to use as homework until our next session. No one can answer how long it will take you to heal as a couple, as long as you remain teachable as a couple changes will begin to happen.

What can I expect for the first session?

During our first session we will discuss your specific situation. We will get to know each other. This first session is about connection. It’s important that you feel comfortable to speak the truth about your situation. Many people are nervous when they come in and relieved when they leave. Relax, this process will go just fine.

Am I abnormal because I am coming into counseling?

No.  We as humans all have emotions and life events that affect us. If you didn’t I would be very surprised. You will hear me say in session, we all have something. The point to therapy is to get you to your goal, not label you.

Can I use insurance for my sessions?

It depends on your insurance and your benefits. Please see my frequently asked questions about insurance to answer a few of these specific questions.

How often should I be coming into counseling?

Most people come in every 1 to 2 weeks and find that beneficial.  Some people need to come in every week initially, than come in every 2 weeks.  You could come in once a month or even more spread out.  We’ll work on a plan that works for you and your family.

How long will counseling be needed?

Sessions are on average 45 to 50 minutes. As for length of time, your counseling relationship lasts for as long as you would like it to. As I tell my clients your sessions can last for one session or years, it’s up to you and your readiness to move on to your life as you are ready to do so.

Can you help my anxiety and/or depression immediately?

There is no magic pill to do that, we will begin the process of healing and I will teach you skills and offer recommendations and referrals to address these problems as quickly as possible.

Still have questions?

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