Hoarding, the obsessive collection of objects that seem useless to almost everyone else, the inability to get rid of any of them and a resulting state of distress or peril. This is a disorder diagnosable by a therapist. 2-5% of the population have this problem. There are 5 levels of hoarding including level 5 that can consist of blocked rooms, pathways, animal, human waste. There are animal hoarders, information hoarders, hoarding of trash and garbage. Someone who hoards may exhibit inability to throw away possessions, several anxiety when attempting to discard items. Call me at 909-693-3177 and/or check out caroladkisson.com for further information.

This video is about Hoarders and their Families. It’s important that you don’t help the Hoarder to remain a hoarder. Codependency can affect the Hoarders ability to let go of his/her addiction. It’s hard enough for a family member that is hoarding to recognize that they have a problem. Yet it is true that this problem can progress to a place where code compliance from the local City Government can become a daily part of your family members life. It would be helpful to learn about codependency and boundaries. If you or your family needs some support in this area I would love to help you. My number is 909-693-3177.