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ADD/ADHD - Let's talk about it!

This video discusses the criteria for ADHD inattentive and hyperactivity for the DSM-V. It further informs the The audience about Dr. Amen's work which is the seven types of ADHD. What causes ADD or ADHD there are many theories on this and we will review some of those. Treatment for ADHD can be everything from therapy two vitamins to medication to coping skills taught through the therapist let's explore these things. Will you have grief if you realize that you were your child has this disorder do you understand the grief process. If you have a child in school the 504 in the IEP plan are very helpful to accommodate your child's needs. Should you give your child medication. I can't answer that question for you but I will give you some options and referral sources. Finally 80 HD will affect up to 40% of adults that will not outgrow it in fact if you have a child that has it you very well may have it yourself. What does that mean for you the adult.


Hoarding, the obsessive collection of objects that seem useless to almost everyone else, the inability to get rid of any of them and a resulting state of distress or peril. This is a disorder diagnosable by a therapist. 2-5% of the population have this problem. There are 5 levels of hoarding including level 5 that can consist of blocked rooms, pathways, animal, human waste. There are animal hoarders, information hoarders, hoarding of trash and garbage. Someone who hoards may exhibit inability to throw away possessions, several anxiety when attempting to discard items. Call me at 909-693-3177 and/or check out for further information.

3 Tips for a Better Relationship.

The first tip is no right fighting. Do you need to be right? Does your partner need to be right. What if you were to let that go? It could actually be ok for you to be wrong. There is a freedom in this. Think about it. Second tip. Don't argue. It's doesn't help. Instead take a walk if necessary to deescalate your anger. Then come back. That's a crucial part of the step. We don't want your partner to feel abandoned. Give it an hour if necessary and then come back to have a conversation. Finally scheduling a conversation. What if you call it a conversation and not an argument or a fight. Wouldn't that help. Put in in your calendar in ink and follow through. In the meantime you don't need to be bringing the conversation back up over and over again. I hope this helps you to get back on track with your relationship.

Guilt! Making decisions when you feel bad.

Do you make decisions to do things when you "feel bad?" Does guilt rule you? This can be codependency at your finest. Please consider whether this is helpful to you and the people in your life. How to make decisions that benefit yourself and others.

The Grieving Process

This video is about the grieving process. I want you to understand the steps we go through when we grieve. DABDA is the acronym to describe what we feel. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Accept are the various stages that we experience. These stages are not necessary linear. We may go back and forth between these stages, we could get stuck on one. If you need help to get through the grieving process please call me at 909-693-3177.

Hoarders and their Families

This video is about Hoarders and their Families. It's important that you don't help the Hoarder to remain a hoarder. Codependency can affect the Hoarders ability to let go of his/her addiction. It's hard enough for a family member that is hoarding to recognize that they have a problem. Yet it is true that this problem can progress to a place where code compliance from the local City Government can become a daily part of your family members life. It would be helpful to learn about codependency and boundaries. If you or your family needs some support in this area I would love to help you. My number is 909-693-3177. My web address is Please do not hesitate to call, this will help you and your family to make more effective decisions for the hoarder in your life.

4 smartphone coping skills for anxiety

Do you have anxiety and/or depression. Did it ever occur to you that your smartphone would be useful to help you with this problem? Here are 4 simple methods to use your smartphone with anxiety and/or depression. 1. Use a calm app, these are available at your app store. So many options, many of them free. The sound of different types of nature, meditation, muscle relaxation, you name it and all you have to do is double click on your app and you are ready to go.
2. Music. So calming and soothing. Really can relax you. I love to listen to the harmony of the Eagles. You might like to listen to rap, or country, or classic. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it calms you down. Put in those earphones and relax.
3. Journal on the note section of your phone. Talking about your thoughts and feelings is so important. If your upset start typing, you would be amazed at how much it can help.
4. Create a note that lists at least 10 coping skills. There are so many to choose from. Remember when you are upset, it is difficult to think. Our brain's are not functioning at optimum capacity. Exercising is a good to put there. Four deep breaths to get some oxygen to your brain is great. What about gardening. What works for you. Put it on this note and take it out of if you are upset.


Depression can look different than we imagine it. It can be sadness and crying. It can be many things. It can be laying in bed and not feeling like getting up. Not wanting to do the usual things than you used to like doing. It can look like numbness. Which feels like you aren't feeling anything. Somebody in your life could be telling you that you have changed, and don't seem to be like your old self. There is a lot of help out there. I can work with you in individual therapy to deal with your depression. I can teach you coping skills that will help you to manage your depression while you are healing. I would love that opportunity to help you.

What happens when you are 17 years old

Do you understand your 17 year old child? Do you know the unique challenges he/she is facing on a daily basis? As a mother, currently parenting her third 17 year old, and a clinician that has studied the various development stages that we experience, I have learned that 17 is a unique age, filled with fears, and anxiety that we as parents don't always understand. There is a expectation for a 17 year old to make decisions that could affect their future in a major way. I hope this video gives you a further understanding of what you may or may not face in your life.


Hi this is Carol Rose Adkisson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Fontana, California. I am currently working with many different attorneys and legal agencies, conducting psychological evaluations and preparing professionals reports for your loved ones that are currently in the consulate process or seeking to adjust their status. The evaluations and reports are professional, comprehensive and contain all the information required by the immigration department. I also handle asylum cases as necessary.

I meet with you for three to five sessions. I write a 6 to 10 page letter that describes those extreme hardships that you would experience if you are were separated from your loved one. Psychological testing will also be conducted as necessary.

At the end of this process, you submit the completed psychological evaluation along with your packet, which also includes the letters from your family and friends.

I have been preparing these letters and working with he immigrant population for many years and from many different culture. As a therapist, I will provide you a safe place to share your stories.

Spanish speaking interpretation is available as needed. Please call me at 909-693-3177 if I can help you. Therapist Fontana Counseling